Tinnin Donation



Ambrose C. Tinnin left Perry Co. Missouri in 1850 with a Wagon Train heading for California.  The Bollinger Family was also with the Wagon Train.  It was an eight-month journey, from Missouri to California.  Shortly after the Wagon Train’s arrived in Napa County, California, Ambrose married Sarah E. Bollinger.

Ambrose was hired for a job in Smartsville, Yuba County and the newly married couple settled in Smartsville.  Many Tinnin children were born in Smartsville.  After time it was decided to move on.  The family stopped in several small communities, heading South.  Ambrose’s last child was born in Cottonwood, Merced County.  William Henry Tinnin was born in 1871.


William Henry Tinnin married Josephine Johnson in 1869.  William Tinnin was known as Newman’s Mayor for many years, during the 1913’s. William had two children: Roswell Ambrose Tinnin and Sue Tinnin Mills Lillie.   Roswell had a daughter, Betty Tinnin Rives Menezes.  Betty had a daughter, Kathryn Rives Wion.

As the years have disappeared, many early Tinnin Families personal items had been kept upon death and stored.  Kathryn, being the last living Tinnin in the William Tinnin Family, had a large collection of Tinnin Family History.

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