Frank B. Marks & Son Inc

In 1898, Frank B. Mark Sr. embarked on a journey that laid the foundation for a lasting family legacy. His business was kicked off with borrowed wheelbarrows from the Southern Pacific, facilitating the transportation of gravel to his cattle corrals in Dos Palos, CA.

The year 1924 marked a significant turning point as Marks, joined by his two sons, Howard and Frank Jr., officially entered the business fray alongside their father. As the decades unfolded, the Marks family expanded their operations. In 1939, they ventured into the highway construction sector, a phase that persisted until 1951. Notably, Frank Marks Sr. retired in 1943, passing on the reins to the next generation.

In 1949, a restructuring occurred as Howard and Frank Jr. dissolved their partnership. This paved the way for the entry of Frank's son, Bernhard, who became an integral part of the family business. Despite the challenges posed by the Great Depression, particularly in the years 1934 and 1935 when state and government funding for construction was scarce, Frank B Marks and Son, Inc. demonstrated resilience.

During the downturn, the Marks family explored placer mining on the white channel, the first river to flow on this continent. This unconventional initiative proved fruitful, contributing to the company's financial stability. When funds for construction were once again allocated in the winter of 1935, the company seamlessly transitioned back to rock and sand production.

Fast forward to the present day, and the legacy lives on. The business is currently under the capable leadership of Bernhard's two sons, Bernie and Henry, who work with their father to carry on the family legacy. The journey that began in 1898 has evolved into a multi-generational saga of perseverance, adaptation, and success for Frank B Marks and Son, Inc.