Charles C. Huber

1869 - 1947

From Mr. Huber's obituary of February 20th, 1947:

Charles C. Huber, a Newman resident for seventy years, passed away at ten o'clock Saturday evening in a Modesto hospital where ill health had required treatment for the past two and a half years.

Funeral services were held at two o'clock Tuesday afternoon in the Davis Chapel, with Rev. H. J. von Renner, pastor of St. James Lutheran Church, conducting the rites.  Interment was made in Hills Ferry Cemetery with Alex Dieter, R. T. Gift, W. G. Newsome, Bert Edmimater, Phillip Ghiorzo and H. C. Meter, friends for many years, acting as the pall bearers.

Born in Germany, Huber came directly to Newman with his parents when seven years old, never to leave until failing health required hospital care.  A retired hotel keeper ("The Russ House"), he had frequently lent his aid to many local business houses when they needed an extra man.

When the Gold Rush to Alaska was on, Huber was one of a party of four Newman men who headed for the Far North.

West Side history was his hobby and he had collected old items and documents, many of which he gave to the city museum in the library building.

An inveterate duck hunter, he was in the blinds every shooting day during the season as long as he was able to wade through the marshes.  And for many years his name was on the list of trap shooters at nearly every shoot held in Northern California.

Huber is survived by one sister and two brothers.  They are Freda Winters and Fred Huber of Sacramento and Louis Huber of Stockton.

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