Andrew Peter Jensen

1867 - 1947

Title:  A Tribute to Andrew Peter Jensen: Newman's Visionary Hotelier


In the picturesque town of Newman, California, the pages of history are graced by the stories of enterprising individuals who shaped the community. Among them, the name Andrew Peter Jensen stands out, a distinguished businessman who left an indelible mark on the town. Renowned for his ownership of both the Farmer's Hotel and the Commercial Hotel, Jensen's legacy as a visionary hotelier continues to resonate in Newman, long after his passing in 1947.

Early Ventures and Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Andrew Peter Jensen, born in the later mid 19th century, came of age during a time of transformative change in Newman. His early years were marked by an entrepreneurial spirit that set him on a path of business success. With a keen eye for opportunity and a commitment to hard work, Jensen soon emerged as a prominent figure in the local business landscape.

Ownership of the Farmer's Hotel and the Commercial Hotel:

Jensen's most notable contributions to Newman's hospitality industry came in the form of the Farmer's Hotel and the Commercial Hotel. These establishments, strategically positioned in the heart of town, became integral to the community's social and economic fabric.

The Farmer's Hotel, known for its warm hospitality and central location, quickly became a hub for travelers and locals alike. Jensen's commitment to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment earned the hotel a reputation for excellence, drawing visitors from near and far.

Similarly, the Commercial Hotel, under Jensen's astute management, became a cherished institution in Newman. Catering to the agricultural community that played a vital role in the town's prosperity, the hotel served as a gathering place for farmers, businessmen, and residents alike. Jensen's ability to create spaces that fostered community cohesion and camaraderie set his establishments apart.

Community Impact and Philanthropy:

Andrew Peter Jensen's influence extended beyond the walls of his hotels. Recognizing the importance of community well-being, he actively participated in local initiatives and philanthropic endeavors. His support for civic causes, local schools, and cultural events demonstrated a commitment to the holistic development of Newman.

Jensen's philanthropy was not merely financial; it was a reflection of his deep connection to the town and its people. As a result, his legacy is not only felt in the bricks and mortar of the Farmer's Hotel and the Commercial Hotel but also in the enduring sense of community that he helped foster.

Legacy and Remembrance:

Upon Andrew Peter Jensen's passing in 1947, Newman mourned the loss of a visionary hotelier and community leader. Yet, his legacy endures in the fabric of the town he helped shape. The Farmer's Hotel and the Commercial Hotel remain enduring symbols of his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to Newman's prosperity.

As Newman, California, continues to evolve, the legacy of Andrew Peter Jensen lives on in the collective memory of its residents. The town stands as a testament to the foresight and dedication of a businessman who, through his hotels, became an integral part of the community's narrative.

In celebrating the life and contributions of Andrew Peter Jensen, Newman honors not only a successful businessman but a community builder whose impact transcends the passage of time. 

The West Side Index (January 1, 1948)

Resident For Over Half Century Passes Away

Andrew Peter Jensen, a Newman resident for 60 years, passed away on Christmas afternoon at the family home following several months of failing health.

Funeral services were held on Monday afternoon in Davis Chapel, with Rev. Aaron Breeze of Modesto, former Newman pastor, conducting the rites.  interment followed in Hills Ferry Cemetery.

A native of Denmark, Jensen was 80 years old.  Although he had retired several years ago, he still had property interests retained since he was active in the business life of the community.

He is survived by his wife, Amelia, and three daughters.  They are Elsie and Mrs. Emily Millet of Los Angeles and Mrs. Clare Rubonovich of San Francisco.



Below you will find a collection of photographs courtesy of Mr. Jensen's granddaughter, Marilyn Millet - Click on the thumbnail pictures to enlarge to full size