1913 Replica School Bus

Replica 1913 "Patchett's" School Bus

In 1963, just in time to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Newman's founding, a replica 1913 school bus was constructed to promote the Patchett's Bus and Transportation Company.

The replica 1913 bus was built by employees of Patchett's, after which it was promptly featured in Newman parades and other local events.  In the 1964 Los Banos "May Day" Parade, the bus won 1st place in the Historical Entries Division.

Later, when Patchett's was sold to "Laidlaw", the replica bus was acquired as well.  At the end of Laidlaw's stewardship, the role of bus custodian was passed on to the company's new owner, "First Student".

After First Student became owner of the replica bus, the vehicle was rehomed to the company's headquarters in Ohio where it is stationed to this day. 

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