Rotary Club Plaques

Historical Plaques Commemorate Newman's Architectural Heritage

Newman's rich architectural heritage has found a voice through a commendable initiative led by the Newman Rotary Club.

In a benevolent community service endeavor, the Newman Rotary Club has meticulously installed plaques on 14 distinguished buildings, predominantly nestled within the downtown area. These plaques serve as concise windows into the historical significance of each building or their former proprietors.

The brainchild behind this noble project, International Director Carol Stephens of the Newman Rotary Club, spearheaded the effort. Stephens expressed gratitude in 2021 for the cooperation received from all building owners, including the City of Newman, which graciously permitted the installation of plaques on three of its properties: the West Side Theatre at 1329 Main Street, Carnegie Library/Museum at 1209 Main Street, and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows/City Hall at 938 Fresno Street.

Assisting in this endeavor, the Newman Historical Society lent its expertise to the Rotary Club by researching and corroborating the history behind each of the buildings.

While the initial 14 plaques mark a significant milestone, the project's horizon holds the promise of encompassing more venerable buildings across town. 

Crafted from bronze and measuring approximately 8 by 10 inches, these plaques symbolize a testament to Newman's legacy. 

 Below you will find a collection of images from the Museum's archives - Click on the thumbnail pictures to enlarge to full size